How Many Times Has Kristin Chenoweth Been Married? Her Marital History

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Kristin Chenoweth, celebrated for her unparalleled talent in the world of theater, recently walked down the aisle on September 2, 2023. The stirring question on everyone’s lips: “how many times has Kristin Chenoweth been married?” The answer, as of this recent event, is once. She exchanged vows with her love, Josh Bryant, in an intimate ceremony held in Dallas, Texas.

While this marks her first journey down the aisle, Chenoweth was no stranger to commitment. Previously, she had been engaged to Marc Kudisch from 1998 to 2001. Despite the prior engagement, marriage eluded her until now. This heartwarming union with Bryant was punctuated with sentiments from Chenoweth, stating her previous stance as a self-proclaimed bachelorette and her unforeseen change of heart after meeting her now-husband.

Summary of how many times has Kristin Chenoweth been married

Status With
Engaged Marc Kudisch (1998-2001)
Dating Josh Bryant (from 2018)
Engaged Josh Bryant (in 2021)
Married Josh Bryant (September 2, 2023)

The Fairytale Beginning Meeting Josh Bryant

As fate would have it, their paths crossed in 2016 during a family wedding. With Bryant’s band, Backroad Anthem, playing the melodies, the duo rekindled their connection in 2018 and embarked on a love journey. This union transformed Chenoweth’s perspective on marriage, allowing her to embrace the possibility of lifelong commitment.

Whirlwind Romance to Engaged Bliss

Their love story swiftly transitioned into a deeper commitment when the couple decided to get engaged in 2021. It was evident that Chenoweth’s feelings had profoundly evolved from her earlier stand of avoiding marital ties. With Bryant by her side, her belief in love and marriage rekindled.

A Wedding to Remember

On that fateful day in September, 140 of their closest friends and family gathered at their private residence. As Chenoweth dazzled in a custom gown by Zac Posen and Bryant looked dapper in his Tom Ford tux, they celebrated love amidst a scenic Dallas backdrop.

Chenoweth’s Bachelorette Days

Chenoweth’s journey wasn’t always about finding love. She embraced her singlehood for years, even after an engagement. Her commitment to remain a bachelorette was unwavering until Bryant made a compelling entrance into her life.

How Bryant Changed It All

Bryant’s steady presence served as Chenoweth’s rock, grounding her and reintroducing the idea of a forever commitment. Their deep connection and Bryant’s unwavering support proved to be the turning point in Chenoweth’s life, leading her down the path of marriage.

Concluding Thoughts

This recent marital event, combined with her previous engagement, paints a vivid picture of Chenoweth’s romantic journey. For those pondering “how many times has Kristin Chenoweth been married?” – the journey has led her to one beautiful marriage, symbolic of newfound beliefs in love and commitment.


Q: When did Kristin Chenoweth get married to Josh Bryant?
A: Kristin Chenoweth married Josh Bryant on September 2, 2023.

Q: Who was Kristin Chenoweth previously engaged to?
A: She was previously engaged to Marc Kudisch from 1998 to 2001.

Q: How many times has Kristin Chenoweth been married?
A: As of September 2, 2023, Kristin Chenoweth has been married once.

Q: How did Kristin Chenoweth and Josh Bryant meet?
A: They first met in 2016 during a family wedding where Bryant’s band was performing. They reconnected in 2018 and began their romantic journey.

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