25 hairstyles for small foreheads for women (short and long)

Small foreheads

You must look good whether you want to hit the beach or spend a casual day or a night out. And there is no better way than having the best hairstyle suited for your face. Although it is challenging to find suitable hairstyles for small foreheads, it is not impossible. It is all about being clever with conventional hairstyles, tweaking where possible to fit your small forehead.

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Mod mohawk and double-knotted hairstyles for small foreheads. Photo: @louiblog, @Sofia Cienfuegos (modified by author)
Source: UGC

An A-list hairstylist extraordinaire is likely the go-to person for the best hairstyle that fits your head. However, not everyone has access to such a professional. Given the numerous hairdos out there, you must take a flexible approach.

And it is relatively easy for people with small foreheads once they learn the tricks of professional stylists. Before you take the bold step to hairstyle independence, check out the best looks for people with small foreheads.

Hairstyles for small foreheads that look amazing

What hairstyle is good for a small forehead? Below are some amazing hairstyles for a small forehead to try out this season.

1. Baby bangs

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Baby bangs. Photo: @Erin Stuart
Source: UGC

If you are looking for the best hairstyles for small foreheads with round faces, then baby bangs are ideal. The look is fantastic and easy to style. Although bangs have been traditionally worn long enough to cover the forehead and skim your eyebrows, baby bangs are different.

They are the cropped version of the conventional hairstyle that helps draw attention to your small forehead. And you can go for various tweaks, including the baby bardot bangs, shag with babby fringe, rounded baby bangs and many more.

The best thing about the hairstyle is that you can alter it to fit your unique fashion taste in no time.

2. Side-swept layered bangs

hairstyles for small foreheads
Side-swept layered bangs. Photo: @Ann Snow
Source: UGC

People with small foreheads are lucky, considering the numerous hairstyles they can apply. And the universally flattering side-swept layered bangs are the way to go. No wonder the hairstyle is a favourite for celebrities on the red carpet.

One of the most interesting things about the look is that you will not spend much time and effort trying to make it vibrant. Styling side-swept layered bangs is straightforward. The bangs start shorter on one side, giving a peek of your forehead and extending across the face.

It then easily blends with the rest of your hair on the other side. And you can use your blow-dryer or straightener to smoothen the bands. Another fantastic thing about the side-swept layered bang look is that it looks great with any hair length.

3. Short pixie haircut

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Short pixie haircut. Photo: @Elizabeth Edwards
Source: UGC

The pixie cut is another fantastic hairstyle that suits a small forehead. It is a fantastic solution for a contemporary woman on the go, as it doesn’t need great effort when styling. It is a pretty and appropriate hairstyle for any occasion, be it an official or casual setting.

You may indulge in various pixie haircuts ranging from asymmetrical vintage to funky faux hawks. That is why it is one of the best hairstyles for small foreheads and thick hair.

4. Double-knotted bun

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Double-knotted bun. Photo: @Sofia Cienfuegos
Source: UGC

You can call the hairstyle whatever you desire: double buns, space buns, Minnie Mouse buns, and many more. Regardless of the name you choose, the double-knotted bun hairstyle will make you look amazing.

It is one of the most preferred hairstyles for small foreheads and oval faces. Also, it was one of the most preferred 90s looks that are making a comeback.

Although many options exist, the double-knotted bun goes well with people with small foreheads. Doing a two-bun hairstyle is simple. You only need two elastic hair ties and a couple of bobby pins.

Put your hair into two ponytails and wrap them into buns. Use the bobby pins to secure it tightly, and you are done. That is all you have to do to look stunning with the double-knotted bun, one of the best hairstyles for small foreheads.

5. Indian bridal hairstyle

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Indian bridal hairstyle. Photo: @Laura Rehm
Source: UGC

People with small foreheads are fortunate as they can try as many hairstyles as they like. The Indian bridal hairstyle is one among many for small foreheads. It is a beautifully neatly rolled-up hairstyle that looks great on anyone.

It is advisable for people with round and square small face shapes to make them look amazing. People will find it hard to get over how gorgeous your Indian bridal hairstyle looks.

6. Shaggy pixie cut

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Shaggy pixie cut. Photo: @Hair Adviser
Source: UGC

If you are not for cute hairstyles and are looking for something rugged and bold, then the shaggy pixie is ideal. It is different from the ordinary pixie cut in various ways. The hair remains shaggy and appears as if it is side-swept. It is one of the perfect hairstyles for small foreheads and thick hair.

The hairstyle gives a definite shape to your face. Let the fringes fall over your face to bring out the perfect shaggy look. You can also comb it if you like. The look is suitable for any occasion, whether a casual or official function. Also, it is excellent for people with round faces.

7. Short bob with bangs

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Short bob with bangs. Photo: @barbdoeshair
Source: UGC

What would the world be without the bob hairstyle? It is one of the most diverse everyday looks that suit various face shapes. And the fascinating thing is that it looks even more impeccable on individuals with small foreheads.

Keep in mind that it is also excellent for people with thin hair. You can make the hairstyle look stunning by wearing it with suitable jewellery. Please do not limit yourself when rocking the style; it is easiest to wear and match.

The lengths of the short haircut can fall anywhere between the ears and the neck paired with a fringe. The look allows one to take the bulky weight off their hair and make life much easier as it requires less maintenance, product and time to style.

8. Asymmetrical bob

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Asymmetrical bob. Photo: @hairgod_zito, @Latest Hairstyles on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The asymmetrical bob is one of the best hairstyles for small foreheads and short faces. The uneven short layered hair helps define the face’s profile, bringing more attention to one’s beauty.

The asymmetrical bob adds some flavour to the classic bob as it goes above the standard look to make it more fun. It simply takes the bore aware from a simple haircut and makes you look elegant. That is why it is a hairstyle that suits a small forehead.

9. Muffed-up hairstyle

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Muffed-up hairstyle. Photo: @Stylesatlife
Source: UGC

If you want to make your face look more extended and slightly elongated, then the muffed-up hairstyle is perfect. All you have to do is add volume to the crown portion of the hair ordinarily by styling the curling locks.

If you have long or medium hair, you can apply the style by simply backcombing that back section of the hair and curling the hair’s front area. It is a bold look that you can rock to any occasion and turn heads. Give it a try and see for yourself.

10. The top knot

hairstyles for small foreheads
The top knot. Photo: @Canadian Living
Source: UGC

If you are looking for the most effortless hairstyle that doesn’t require immense effort in styling, go for the top knot. It is one of the most amazing hairstyles for small foreheads gaining momentum fast. Many people consider it ideal for summer.

It is perfect for ladies with long hair. The top knot makes a face appear sleek and longer, so short-looking ladies prefer the style. Also, it goes well with women with round faces.

11. Loose and wavy hairstyle

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Loose and wavy hairstyle. Photo: @Dorsey McFadden
Source: UGC

If you have a small face and forehead and don’t want a short haircut, consider wearing it longer with some waves. It is a fantastic look that will be easier on your hair if it is already loosely wavy. One of the most amazing things about this style is that you can wear it half up.

12. Bouncy lob

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Bouncy lob hairstyle. Photo: @REDBOOK Magazine
Source: UGC

Ordinarily, people with small foreheads look for hairstyles that enhance the beauty of the face, and anything revealing is excellent. That is why the bouncy lob is one of the best hairstyles for small foreheads and long faces. The hair’s wavy pattern provides an appealing new outlook to the face. It is ideal for people with a round face.

13. Mod mohawk hairstyle

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Mod mohawk hairstyle. Photo: @louiblog
Source: UGC

If you want something bold, the mod mohawk hairstyle is perfect for you. It is excellent for small faces and primarily for people with small foreheads. Most of the hair is at the top of your head to create an awesome mohawk. You can colour the hair how you desire to bring a unique flavour to the look.

14. Balayage wavy hair

hairstyles for small foreheads
Balayage wavy hair. Photo: @kykhair
Source: Instagram

The balayage wavy hair look is the best way out if you are interested in going platinum but have some reservations. The most interesting thing is that you can use balayage at different heights and get the best of the hairstyle.

15. Side Hollywood waves

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Side Hollywood waves. Photo: @verafursova
Source: UGC

This is it if you want to look glamorous wherever you go. Hollywood waves fit all face shapes, all hair lengths, and all ages. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything else but how to achieve the style. So get in touch with your stylist and make the magic happen.

16. Black and blue hairstyle

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Black and blue. Photo: @tamaraleighhair
Source: UGC

A mixture of colours on hair is always a good idea. The above hairstyle is what you need if you like to catch all eyes in the street and be in the limelight. The hairdo is ideal for ladies who prefer showing off their natural hair colour and length while embracing the funky cut and defined strands.

17. Platinum blonde with shaggy bangs

Hairstyles for small foreheads

Are you looking for hairstyles for women with small foreheads? Then consider this style. Hot platinum blonde hair with shaggy bangs will make you a real unicorn, as you will be so unique. You should try shaggy bangs if you do not know what types of bangs to choose for your hairstyle.

18. Hot orange hair with long bangs

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Hot orange hair with long bangs. Photo: @salondebut
Source: UGC

If you enjoy bright colours and are into showy looks, you can go for this simple and elegant style. The long straight bangs create an illusion of a voluminous top and a bigger forehead.

19. Short wavy black hairstyle

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Short wavy black hairdo. Photo: @savvystylehair
Source: UGC

If you enjoy black hairstyles, you’re going to enjoy this beauty. It particularly appeals to young girls and teenagers who like trying new things and keeping up with trends.

20. Retro blonde hairstyle with bangs

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Retro blonde hairstyle with bangs. Photo: @lisaabrina
Source: UGC

If you love bangs and are a fan of retro looks, you will like this style. This beautiful hairstyle is ideal for girls with smaller foreheads craving a loud retro change for everyday wear. This look will make heads turn wherever you go.

21. Hot red auburn hairstyle

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Hot red auburn hairstyle. Photo: @estaahair
Source: UGC

If you are a fan of modern and elegant looks that are trendy, try this hairstyle. It is another bold style for a person who loves to command attention. The red auburn makes the style more visible hence worth paying attention to.

22. Mullet pixie hairdo

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Mullet pixie hairdo. Photo: @greta.craftcollective
Source: UGC

When looking for an ideal style for beach getaways, a mullet pixie hairdo fits the bill. If you are a low-maintenance girl, you can pick this style for your everyday wear. Just ensure to cut your hair every three weeks to maintain this beauty.

23. Loose curls blonde hairstyle

This style is ideal for women who like to show off their curls. The Side-swept bangs and this blonde hairdo refine the overall appearance.

24. Face framing long bangs

Hairstyles for small foreheads
Face framing long bangs. Photo: @hairpaintedwithlove
Source: UGC

This hairstyle is great for someone who enjoys looking youthful, making your face appear cuter than it already is. The bangs help soften your facial features and add something different to your haircut. So, give this hairstyle a try for your next date night.

25. Loose messy updo with a bun

Hairstyles for small foreheads
A loose messy updo with a bun. Photo: @oksanasergeevastilist
Source: UGC

Every woman is a princess and deserves to feel beautiful. A loose messy bun packed below the centre of your hair will make you feel like royalty. For an amazing look, you can have a few face-framing strands fall on both sides of your face while keeping your sloppy bun styled fashionably. This style is ideal for any workplace or event.

Do bangs look good on small forehead?

Yes. Bangs are a great option to make your small forehead look amazing and appear bigger, provided you style it correctly.

Can girls with small foreheads have bangs?

The bangs hairstyle is perfect for any woman regardless of the size of her forehead. You can use several types of bangs, including feathered, side-swept, and curtain bangs. Just find out which kind suits your face shape.

How can I hide my small forehead?

There are several ways to hide your small forehead. First, you can wear bangs for a small forehead to highlight the angles of your face and bring out your best features. You can also cover your forehead with a stylish hat that complements your outfit.

Hairstyles for small foreheads – Wrapping up

From the above styles, it is clear that you can tweak your hair however you desire. The best hairstyles for small foreheads also go well with people with small faces. Always consider your face shape when choosing hairstyles, as it greatly matters.

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