20 ugly cartoon characters, ranked by popularity in 2023

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What is your idea of beauty? It could be a person’s appearance, personality, or character. In animation, beauty is sometimes defined by nature, with flawed characters having ugly appearances while good characters have attractive ones. However, some characters are given beautiful formations but are evil. If you enjoy animated films, you may have noticed a trend of ugly cartoon characters that began with Disney films. So who are they? And in 2023, who ranks as the most unattractive?

Ugly cartoon characters
Squidward, Hades, Shrek and Forky. Photo:, @janafsoriano, @car1sua2del14, @ixpap, @charalesatlas52 (modified by author)
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  • Ugly cartoon characters
    • 1. Shrek
    • 2. Ursula
    • 3. Cruella De Vil
    • 4. Beavis
    • 5. Quasimodo
    • 6. Squidward Tentacles
    • 7. Randall Boggs
    • 8. Jafar
    • 9. Scar
    • 10. Grinch
    • 11. Hades
    • 12. Edna Mode
    • 13. Forky
    • 14. Jumba Jookiba
    • 15. Sid
    • 16. Madame Medusa
    • 17. Mother Gothel
    • 18. Uncle Ugo
    • 19. Queen of Hearts
    • 20. The Fates
  • What are ugly Disney characters?

Throughout the history of animation, there have been many unattractive characters. Animators may have chosen their appearances based on their character personalities. Because cartoons initially targeted the young audience, it was important for creators to teach kids morals through film. For example, in Disney flicks, selfish characters like Jafar were given a vile appearance, while kind and helpful characters like Alladin were handsome.

Ugly cartoon characters

If you are a fan of animated films or TV series, you most certainly have encountered ugly cartoon characters. Trends have recently changed, where animators purposely draw characters with imperfections and flaws. This trend of including imperfect images and unattractive natures has changed how we perceive characters and promotes inclusivity.

Some of these characters are from old classic movies, while others are from recent installations. But regardless of the era, one thing that puts them together is their appearances.

To identify these ugly characters, below is a list of twenty ugly cartoon characters. These characters may be unattractive, but their endearing qualities make us want to watch them nonetheless.

Here are ugly cartoon characters ranked by popularity in 2023.

1. Shrek

Ugly cartoon characters
Shrek is smiling in the woods. Photo:, @random_camo
Source: UGC

Shrek is the main character in the self-titled animation. He lives in his swamp, far from the nearest town. Shrek enjoys being ignored and feared by people and despises interacting with them.

Shrek is bald with two antennae-like ears and wears a simple white upper shirt and brown trousers. He has a big pot belly, lime-green skin, wide eyes, a flat nose, and a big mouth full of big teeth. He spends his days wallowing in the swamp, eating stinky foods, and scaring the villagers away from his forest.

2. Ursula

ugly cartoon characters
Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Photo:, @z44802930188
Source: UGC

Ursula from The Little Mermaid is one of the ugly blonde Disney characters. Her upper body is that of an obese lavender female human, and her lower half is that of a black and purple octopus. Her features both connect and separate her from the average seafarer. Ursula has white hair, grey eyes, red lips, and aqua-blue eyelids.

3. Cruella De Vil

ugly cartoon characters
Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians. Photo:, @lovspattinson
Source: UGC

Cruella De Vil is a character in the iconic Disney animation 101 Dalmatians. She is a cruel and ugly lady, often shown smoking. Cruella is among the ugly animated characters, thanks to her cruelty to puppies and persisting smoking habit.

4. Beavis

ugly cartoon characters
Beavis from Beavis & Butthead. Photo:, @aurorasphere92
Source: UGC

Beavis is the main character in the adult animated series Beavis & Butthead. He is your typical adolescent: lazy, misogynistic, addicted to heavy metal music, makes crude and insensitive jokes and enjoys staring.

His physical appearance is that of a Caucasian man with a massive pompadour and a prominent underbite. He speaks in a hoarse voice and snickers creepily.

5. Quasimodo

ugly cartoon characters
Quasimodo holds a bird. Photo: @DresaintIaurent
Source: Twitter

If you are looking for ugly male cartoon characters, Quasimodo from Hunchback of Notre Dame is ideal. Quasimodo is sweet and kind, always aiming to do the right thing. However, he has a back deformity that gives him an ugly hunchback. His deformation leads him to hide in the daylight as the townspeople will abuse and mistreat him.

6. Squidward Tentacles

ugly cartoon characters
Squidward Tentacles pours coffee into a cup. Photo:, @powerspyin1
Source: UGC

Squidward is an octopus from the Nickelodeon animated TV series Spongebob SquarePants. He is a cynical, selfish, and unlikable character.

Despite his name, Squidward is an octopus. He has a turquoise blue body, six limbs, two hands, and four feet. Squidwards’ round, half-closed eyes have rectangular pupils.

7. Randall Boggs

ugly cartoon characters
Randall Boggs grins. Photo: @thirdking0208
Source: Twitter

Randall is Mike and Sully’s mean rival in Pixar Monsters, Inc. His appearance includes three fronds with pink tips, purple skin, green eyes, four arms and legs, and a sky-blue tail. Randall can also wholly blend in with his surroundings, making him invisible.

8. Jafar

ugly cartoon characters
Jafar with Iago on his shoulder. Photo:, @themostruthless
Source: UGC

Jafar is a character from the Disney animation Aladdin. He is a villain and suffers from a vast superiority complex and tries to get princess Jasmine to marry him to no avail. Jafar desires ultimate power and control with an unquenchable thirst that eventually becomes his downfall.

9. Scar

ugly cartoon characters
Scar from The Lion King. Photo:, @larivvv
Source: UGC

‘Scar’ is a villain character in the Lion King franchise. He is Mufasa’s cunning younger brother and has a fiery personality. Scars’ appearance is dark orange-brown fur with a yellow nose, markings on his ears, and the edge of his facial hair. His eyes are pale yellow. Scar devises a plan to kill Simba and Mufasa to seize the throne.

10. Grinch

ugly cartoon characters
Grinch smirks thoughtfully. Photo:, @bdunn0781
Source: UGC

The Grinch is a fictional character in the film The Grinch, based on Dr Seuss’ children’s book How the Grinch Stole Christmas. He has green fur all over his body and a cat-like face. However, Grinch is not as cute as a cat because he always has a scowl. His face and body are both pear-shaped. Grinch has spindly hands and legs as well as a pot belly.

11. Hades

ugly cartoon characters
Hades from The Hercules smirks. Photo:, @ArtStation_HQ
Source: UGC

Hades is an evil, cunning, and fiery-tempered god from the Disney animated film Hercules. He is the god of the dead and hell and envious of Olympus’s happy and carefree gods.

Hades’ appearance includes sunken eyes and dark teeth. His hair is a tangle of blue flames dancing on his head, and he dresses in a plain black robe. When angry, hades’ skin turns red, and his hair bursts into yellow-red flames.

12. Edna Mode

ugly cartoon characters
Edna Mode from The Incredibles. Photo:, @spinz4mimz
Source: UGC

If you are looking for ugly cartoon characters with glasses, Edna Mode is one of them. She features in the 2004 American animation The Incredibles. She is overbearing, demanding, and likes to give tough love to Mr Incredible and the rest. But despite her physical looks, Edna is among the allies’ team and helps them by creating durable and protective costumes.

13. Forky

ugly cartoon characters
Forky from Toy Story 4. Photo:, @douglastonelli
Source: UGC

Forky is a character in Toy Story 4. He is an ugly toy created from scratch by Bonnie, who put together a spork for his body, popsicle sticks for his legs held on by gum, and red pipe cleaners for his wavy arms. Forky doesn’t feel he can fit in and tries to escape at various times.

However, Woody won’t let him escape, and he eventually finds his place among the other favourite Bonnie toys.

14. Jumba Jookiba

ugly cartoon characters
Jumba Jookiba from Lilo and Stitch. Photo: @plussizeotd
Source: Twitter

Jumba Jookiba is a comical character from the 2002 animation Lilo and Stitch. Jumba is an evil genius responsible for over 628 illegal genetic experiments, including experiment 626, that created Stitch. He previously had a sadistic nature that drove him to wreak havoc in the universe.

15. Sid

ugly cartoon characters
Sid from the Ice Age series. Photo:, @karacamelisa05
Source: UGC

Sidney, or Sid, is a ground sloth from the Ice Age series. He is a slovenly sloth with no ambition or goal in life. His sloth family abandons him and eventually forms a herd with unlikely companions, a woolly mammoth named Manny and a sabre-toothed tiger named Diego.

Sid has short hair and a bushy tail. His neck is long, and he has long claws on his hands and feet. Sid has bulbous eyes, buck teeth, and a thick lisp when he speaks.

16. Madame Medusa

ugly cartoon characters
Madame Medusa gestures with her fingers. Photo: @ori_spears
Source: Twitter

If you are looking for ugly Disney characters, then Madame Medusa is one of them. She is a redheaded villain in the 1977 American animated adventure comedy-drama film, The Rescuers.

Madame Medusa is a greedy, wicked pawn-shop owner. Upon discovering the Devil’s Eye diamond hidden in a blowhole, she kidnaps the small orphan, Penny, to retrieve it for her, as Penny is the only one small enough to fit in it. She has two pet crocodiles who turn on her after being defeated by Bernard, Bianca, and Penny.

17. Mother Gothel

ugly cartoon characters
Mother Gothel from Tangled. Photo:, @Acrillique
Source: UGC

Mother Gothel is a character from the 2010 animation Tangled. She is an enchantress who hoards the healing powers of a magical gold flower. After mages harvest the flower to save the ailing Queen, Gothels power weakens, revealing her true nature. She is a frail older woman with wrinkled skin and silver-thinning hair. She kidnaps the princess, Rapunzel, to harness her golden hair power.

18. Uncle Ugo

ugly cartoon characters
Ugo from the Disney Pixar animation Luca. Photo: @oliverizod
Source: Twitter

Who is the scariest cartoon character? Ugo from the 2021 Disney Pixar animated feature film Luca is. He is a deep-sea monster with rotating glowing blue eyes and glowing blue antennae. He also appears to be dressed in tan moss shorts. Ugo’s heart, bones, and other internal organs are visible because of his transparent skin.

19. Queen of Hearts

ugly cartoon characters
Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Photo: @plussizeotd
Source: Twitter

The Queen of Hearts is a character in Alice in Wonderland. She is a childish, ill-tempered monarch who quickly sentences people to death for minor infractions. The Queen of Hearts resembles a red-faced, heavier-set woman.

20. The Fates

ugly cartoon characters
The Fates from the Hercules animation series. Photo: @_xFenrir
Source: Twitter

The Fates are three deities who appear in the Hercules animation film. These three sisters share one eye, which they use to see the future. They are wise and determine mortals’ deaths, cutting a mortal’s Thread of Life to send them to the Well of Souls in the Underworld. The Fates have stringy hair and long, pointed noses.

What are ugly Disney characters?

They are characters who are evil and malicious. As a result of their personalities, they end up with vicious unpleasant appearances. Good examples of these characters include Jafar from Alladin and The Hag from Snow White.

Ugly cartoon characters include some well-known names in the animation industry. These characters are not typical cartoon stereotypes, as they may appear unpleasant, but some are heroes. However, others’ looks are as horrible as their image. But despite their appearances, these characters have provided viewers with suitable content for a long time and are synonymous with specific roles.

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