20 matching cousins tattoo ideas and designs with meanings

Your cousin

You love, and you care, but what outward symbolism is there to accentuate this connection. Body markings have, since ancient times, been used as significant symbolism for various things, including rites of passage, societal hierarchy and much more. Today, people utilise matching tattoos to show affection towards one another, and it is pretty symbolic when utilised to show the strong bond between family members. Your family is your all, and you hold them, dear. But you also love your cousins. Therefore, matching cousins tattoos on your body can be a great way to cement this connection.

Matching cousins tattoo ideas
Beautiful matching tattoos with a heart at the wrist. Photo: @Tattoo Glee
Source: UGC

Tattoos will forever stay on your body, and that is why you need to be sure before offering a region of your skin. Sometimes, people fall in love and engrave matching tattoos on their respective skins, but regret befalls both parties when love fades and separation is imminent.

But you don’t have to worry about this if you have already engraved one of the best matching female cousin tattoos on your body. Your cousin is blood, and they will always be part of your life. Therefore, choose the most meaningful and attractive tattoo and create a lifetime bond with your favourite cousin.

Matching cousins tattoo ideas you should try

One of the best ways to express your love and relationship is through body art. That is why meaningful matching cousin tattoos is a great idea. Tattoos are the ultimate expression of who you are and show the world that you cherish the other person, and they love you as well. So, choose wisely from the massive collection.

1. Like vines, you intertwine

Matching cousins tattoo
Like vines, you intertwine matching cousin tattoo ideas. Photo: @missa9210
Source: Twitter

If you are looking for a beautiful yet bold way of expressing the connection between you and your cousin, going for the matching vines tattoo is one of the best ways. The floral vines tattoo symbolises growth, with branches representing love, just like nature around you.

Its simple nature and deep meaning make it one of the favourite cousin tattoos. You don’t have to spend ages at the tattoo parlour enduring excruciating pain to get this inked on your skin. The design only takes a few minutes to take shape, and you can have it in any colour you desire.

2. She is the sun to your moon

matching cousins tattoo
She is the sun to your moon tattoo. Photo: @menajew
Source: Twitter

The popular expression “I love you to the moon and back” is an excellent expression of love. But did you know that you can have something similar on your hand? Although the sun to your moon tattoo isn’t exactly representative of this expression, it is an excellent way of showing affection to the one you cherish and is quite close to the famous phrase.

You can have the sun tattoo on your wrist while your cousin gets the moon on their wrist. Celestial bodies are great art forms, and the designs are simple yet so remarkable.

3. Infinity arrows

matching cousins tattoo
Infinity arrows matching cousin tattoo. Photo: @hailey_nocioleee7
Source: Twitter

You don’t need a handbook on tattoo symbolism to understand the infinity arrow tattoo. The significance is evident, showing a long-term connection, strength and protection from harm.

Back in your head, you know that your cousin will keep you away from harm and protect you at all costs, no matter what. The infinity symbol within the arrows shows that your cousin will always be on your side to infinity and beyond. It is one of the deepest small matching tattoos for cousins.

4. When friendship flowers like rose black tattoo

matching cousins tattoo
When friendship flowers like rose black tattoo. Photo: @idalia_tovar
Source: Twitter

A rose symbolises love and is one of the best cousin tattoo ideas. On top of being a symbol of love, roses signify protection with their thorns, and that is why it is a great tattoo on your body showing the unbreakable connection with your cousin. The tattoo states that you love your cousin and will do anything to protect them.

5. Diamonds are forever

matching cousins tattoo
Diamonds are forever matching tattoos. Photo: @retrosexualxoxo
Source: Twitter

Like diamonds are forever, so is the connection between you and your cousin. And what better way to express this profound bond than via matching diamond tattoos. You can have it any shade you desire if it looks good on you and your cousin.

Also, you can shape the diamond however you desire. For instance, the image of the diamond tattoo represented above is in the shape of a heart, embodying the love you have for your cousin.

6. Girl power

matching cousins tattoo
Girl power matching tattoos. Photo: @_hpowell
Source: Twitter

If you have a lady cousin and you are a lady, you likely have a lot in common. It isn’t uncommon for cousins to have similar traits, although they are from different mothers. Remember that you hail from the same family tree and with the same genetics from either your father or mother; you are destined to have some common traits.

Therefore, you can go for the girl power tattoo that you can decorate with flowers to make it look colourful.

7. Burrito and taco tattoo

matching cousins tattoo
Matching burrito and taco tattoos. Photo: @poissonpannda
Source: Twitter

Burrito and taco tattoo is one of the cutest favourite cousin tattoos. Imagine having the burrito on your hand and your cousin having the other on their wrist, and every time you meet and match and have fun.

Their jolly hands and smiling faces are too cute to eat but great to ink on your hand. The tattoo shows how you value one another and love having fun together.

8. Two paper aeroplanes flying

matching cousins tattoo
Two paper aeroplanes flying tattoo. Photo: @maebae5369
Source: Twitter

Matching cousins tattoos don’t have to be complicated, and you can make it work using the simplest of ideas. For instance, have you ever considered inking two paper aeroplanes flying on your wrist?

The tattoo shows that you are going places together, just like the two paper planes in the air. And their simple design tells a story of the simple connection you have between one another – nothing too complicated.

9. No matter what

matching cousins tattoo
No matter what matching cousins tattoo idea. Photo: @capturekayla
Source: Twitter

Friendship and love conquer all, and no matter what happens, it is all about you two and surviving each obstacle. That is why the no matter what tattoo, considered one of the best matching tattoos out there, holds deep meaning.

There is a high probability that you made many promises to your cousin while growing up to keep secrets from your parents. Of course, you promised to carry these secrets to the grave, which this tattoo represents. It shows the bond you have between each other that you will never break any promises no matter what.

10. Butterfly tattoo

matching cousins tattoo ideas
Matching butterfly tattoos. Photo: @capturekayla
Source: Twitter

A butterfly tattoo is excellent, more so when it is coloured. You and your cousin can have the butterfly split into two parts that become one when you are together. It is a fantastic idea for the special bond you have.

Also, you can have some unique words engraved around the butterfly also parted into two such that when you connect your hands, the text completes.

11. Matching sister tattoo on wrist

matching cousins tattoo ideas
Matching sister tattoo. Photo: @capturekayla
Source: Twitter

Your love for your sister will always stay; having a tattoo to represent this great affection is a great idea. If you love your cousin and consider her your sister, you can ink this tattoo on your skin and have them do the same on their wrist such that you have matching tattoos showing the bond you have together.

Of course, you can play around with the design as you desire if it possesses the word, sister and something decorative above or below the words.

12. The matching anchor tattoos

matching cousins tattoo
Matching anchor tattoos. Photo: @capturekayla
Source: Twitter

Anchor tattoos originally represented stability as the anchor would keep the ship stable during a storm. However, the artwork has gone further than matters of the sea in the contemporary world to have an even deeper and distinct meaning.

Having this matching tattoo with your cousin reminds them to stay strong, solid, and tranquil during trouble. Also, it shows that you will forever support them during tough times. It means you are their anchor, and they are your anchor.

13. Simple colourful matching rose tattoo

matching cousins tattoo
Simple colourful matching rose tattoo. Photo: @_hpowell
Source: Twitter

It is not unusual to see people having matching rose tattoos on their wrists, extending to their elbows. It’s common between brothers, sisters, mother and daughter, cousins and best friends. But what does the rose tattoo mean?

A single rose represents a person’s relationship. It is an appreciation of a loved one, a cousin in this case, who you hold close to your heart.

14. Tom and Jerry matching tattoo

matching cousins tattoo ideas
Tom and Jerry matching tattoo. Photo: @inkbyshae
Source: UGC

Who has not watched the famous cartoon, Tom and Jerry? The main characters, Tom and Jerry, have some rough moments on screen, displaying funny rivalry that you and your cousin must have watched together when you were young.

Now that you are mature, and the cartoon likely holds significant meaning to you two, why not have the tattoo on your calves? So, you can go for Tom, and your cousin gets Jerry tattooed on their calves. And you can have them designed to match when you are together, probably both holding a pistol.

15. Sibling tattoos with symbolic dots

matching cousins tattoo ideas
Sibling tattoos with symbolic dots. Photo: @inkbyshae
Source: UGC

Symbolic dots are an excellent way of showing your extended family’s lineage, from the oldest to the youngest. How do you do it? If you are four, you can have four dots with a bigger one among the four, representing order, and if it is at the beginning, it shows that you are the most senior.

You can do the same for you and your cousin, and the dots can mean something else and not necessarily age. This is one of the most meaningful matching tattoos for 3 cousins as it doesn’t have to be between two people only.

16. Fingers holding a string tattoo

matching cousins tattoo
Fingers holding a string matching tattoo. Photo: @the_good_choic
Source: UGC

If you have a great connection with your cousin, it shows that you support one another. And there is no better way of showing this support than having a matching tattoo whereby you hold one end of a string, and they hold the other. It can be designed so that it connects once you get close to one another.

17. Ship and lighthouse tattoo

matching cousins tattoo
Ship and lighthouse matching tattoo. photo: benosquarebali boredpanda
Source: UGC

A lighthouse is essential to guard a ship, while a ship is necessary to sail in the ocean. You cannot separate these two as they support each other. This tattoo is great for you and your cousin as it shows the support you have for one another. Your cousin can have the ship tattoo while you can have the lighthouse design inked somewhere on your body.

18. Boat and anchor tattoo

matching cousins tattoo
Boat and anchor tattoo. Photo: @bloom_tattooer boredpanda
Source: UGC

A boat needs an anchor, and you and your cousin need each other. That is why the boat and anchor tattoo hold significant meaning. It shows that your love is an anchor tied to your cousin with a silver chain. Therefore, it has quite a deep meaning.

19. Matching arrows that line up

matching cousins tattoo
Matching arrows that line up tattoo. Photo: @mfuller117
Source: UGC

Matching arrows that line up is a magnificent way to show the connection between two people. Also, it is one of the best matching cousin tattoos for a boy and a girl. You can have one end of the arrow, and your cousin has the other on their middle finger such that when you meet, it completes, showing the great connection you have between each other.

20. Fingerprint hearts

matching cousins tattoo
Fingerprint hearts matching tattoos. Photo: @bestcoupletattoos
Source: UGC

Since you love your cousin, you can have matching fingerprint tattoos on your wrist. Of course, the tattoo symbolises the love between you two and the profound connection. In short, it shows that you are inseparable.

Matching cousins tattoos symbolise the love and strong connection with your cousin. It is an enduring symbol since it is engraved on your skin. It is one of the best symbolic acts you can make in your life.

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